VISA Credit Cards

Reliance FCU offers you all of the Convenience of a VISA Credit Card without all of the Expense

VISA Classic

  • 12.9% on Purchases
  • 9.9% on Cash Advances
  • No Annual Fee
  • 25 - Day Grace Period (no interest charges)

This is our basic card that offers credit limits beginning at $500. This is a great card for individuals who are interested in, or only qualify for, a smaller credit limit.

VISA Platinum

  • 10.9% on Purchases
  • 9.9% on Cash Advances
  • No Annual Fee
  • 25 - Day Grace Period (no interest charges)

Our VISA Platinum card offers a lower interest rate. Credit Limits are available from $5,000. This is a great card for individuals who usually purchase larger items.

Secured VISA

  • 16.9% on Purchases
  • 9.9% on Cash Advances
  • No Annual Fee
  • 25 - Day Grace Period

This card is great for members who are just beginning to establish credit or have had past credit problems. The limit is determined by the amount of deposits pledged.

Pamper yourself by using your VISA Score Card Reward Points

Did you know that you can earn Bonus Points for every qualifying net dollar you spend? With VISA ScoreCard Reward Points, you can then turn your purchases into amazing Merchandise, Travel or Experience rewards! We have top name brand name items, unbelievable vacation getaways, valuable services, to once in a lifetime experiences. ScoreCard has it all!

We are continually updating our reward options so you'll have the latest and greatest rewards to choose from. So, go ahead, login, have fun searching the rewards, create your own personal wish list, and most importantly, be sure to visit often.

Automatic Payments

Option #1:

You can make automatic payments on your Reliance VISA bill.
Link to to make a payment from a non-Reliance FCU account.

Option #2:

E-mail us your request for an AutoPay application to make automatic payments from your Reliance FCU accounts. You can pick the amount and the day of the month the payment is taken.

Credit Card Specials

Through the year, we run special interest rate promotions, skip-a-payment programs, and much more.

Credit Limit Increase

Contact us to increase your credit limit.

Credit Card Tips To Keep You From Serious Debt

Many people have credit cards but few understand how easy it is to fall into serious debt. Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind:
Credit cards are not free money. Most credit cards charge interest and/or a fee for letting you use their money. The average rate on a credit card is 18% and the average annual fee is $30. Reliance's VISA Gold rate is a fixed rate of 10.99% with no usage fees or annual fee.

Always pay more than the minimum monthly payment. If you owe $1,000 at 18% and you pay the minimum payment of $20, you will still owe $995. Three-quarters (3/4) of the minimum monthly payment is interest. Minimum payments will keep you in debt for years. At 18%, it will take you nearly 8 years to pay off $1,000 if you pay only the minimum.

Pay your bill on time. Mail your payment so that it arrives before the due date. Otherwise you could be hit with a penalty. Reliance offers automatic payments. You can schedule a re-occurring payment or pay your bill online.

Keep a clean credit record. Your credit report is a detailed, seven-year history of your credit applications, credit refusals, late payments, and much more. A late payment can reduce your credit score as much as 70 points. Employers, landlords, lenders, mortgage companies, insurance companies, the IRS, and anyone with a legitimate business reason can check your credit report.

Don't hide if you fall behind on your payments. If you become sick, lose your job, or have some compelling reason for not paying your bills on time, call each creditor and tell them what is happening. They will work with you if you keep them informed. Reliance will help you with special payment arrangements to keep your credit report clean.