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While paying bills is inevitable, it doesn't have to be a dreaded task. Stop licking and start clicking by using RFCU's electronic bill payment service Check Free.

RFCU's Check Free service will pay your regular monthly or intermittent bills. Forget the hassle of paying ongoing bills like your rent, electric, cell phone, and taxes. We write the check and even put a stamp on the envelope! All you have to do is remember to record and subtract each payment amount from your checking register.
Money to pay these bills is deducted from your Checking account. You choose the payment date for each bill. Remember to allow sufficient mailing time for the merchant/payee to receive the payment on or before the payment due date. If your selected payment falls on a weekend or a holiday, the disbursement will be mailed the last business day before the holiday or weekend.
Your RFCU loan or VISA payment should not be paid through the Check Free service. You can make these payments through Virtual Branch and your VISA Card Center.
If there is not enough money in checking account for these payments to clear, there is an insufficient funds service charge of $35.00.

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