Virtual Branch

Unlocking the Door to Online Banking
Virtual Branch from RFCU is simple and user-friendly and FREE . There are no complicated procedures or complex forms to deal with, just a series of simple Web pages. You don't need to use extra software or enter special commands. You just simply click on the Virtual Branch link and make selections using buttons on each page of your Web browser.
Once you've enrolled, using Virtual Branch is easy. Simply connect to the Internet and visit our Web site. You can follow the links from our Home Page to the Virtual Branch area, where you identify yourself by entering your User ID and Security Code in the boxes that appear on your screen. If you forget your password, contact us via the convenient e-mail feature in Virtual Branch. We can assist you by resetting your password.
You can then click links and buttons and follow easy-to-use online instructions to perform banking functions such as viewing transaction history, transferring funds, paying on and advancing from loans and so on. The links to the left side provide convenient access to all the major online banking features.

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