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Introducing Verified by VISA


A new way to add safety when you buy online. Protecting your existing Reliance FCU VISA card by creating a personal password as unique as you are. Verified by VISA helps ensure that only you can use your VISA card to buy online. Register today! It only takes a few minutes to activate. Visit our website, click on Online Services, then on VISA Card Center. There you will find the icon - Verified by VISA. Register today


What to check out all the great ways you can reward yourself with your VISA Credit Card Rewards points? Click here


Are you tired of writing checks to pay your VISA?  Do you call Member Services every month to transfer your VISA payment from your account?  Did you ever forget to write the check?  If you answered "YES" to any of these questions you should sign up for AUTOPAY today!
Allows you to make automatic payments to your RFCU VISA CARD each month free of charge and you can even pick the date your payment is made. Payments can be transferred from your RFCU savings or checking account. You may select from one of the following payment options:
  • Minimum payment
  • Pay off your total statement balance
  • Fixed amount (greater than your minimum monthly payment)
  • Percentage of your monthly balance (greater than your minimum monthly payment)
With any option you select, you will still receive your monthly VISA statement.  Save yourself from another monthly bill and let AUTOPAY do the work!  Call our office at
800-458-7004 to request an AUTOPAY application. for Visa Information 



Access to your Reliance FCU Visa card just got eZ-ier!


Click above to access your RFCU Visa account 24/7 from the comfort of your own PC.  You will first enroll for online services, create a user name and password and then your account is just a click away day or night.


You can view your current account status, view, print or download up to 6 month's of prior statements, track your spending by category or amounts, and also set your account for email alerts when you get close to your limit or if you spend more than a certain amount in one day.  If these great features aren't enough to convince you to sign up, there's more.. How about online payments?  And best of all, the service is free to all RFCU Visa Cardholders.


Once you are using, you will see what a great service this is!

To report a lost or stolen VISA Credit Card call 800-847-2911.


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